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CBRN Knowledge Management System

In 2008 UNICRI, in cooperation with the European Commission (DG AIDCO and DG RELEX) and with the technical support of IAEA, OPCW, EUROPOL, the SECI Center and WCO launched a Knowledge Management System in South-East Europe and the Caucasus. Designed to facilitate knowledge dissemination, information sharing and effective communication, the System aims to improve the interaction of national experts and representatives from International/Regional Organisations.

In particular, the Knowledge Management System provides:

  • A network of National Focal Points who liaise with relevant national agencies of South-East Europe and the Caucasus in the field of CBRN trafficking.
  • Expertise and support from the main international and regional organisations in the field of CBRN trafficking, including IAEA, OPCW, EUROPOL, the SECI Center and WCO.
  • An IT Platform (Portal) to share data, analysis and best practices on CBRN trafficking.

The Knowledge Management Systems provides the participating countries with:

  • A need assessment tool to identify countries needs. This tool contains a list of comprehensive strategic options that CBRN security planners should take into consideration in order to comprehensively prevent trafficking of CBRN materials and weapons.
  • A list of best practice and scenario-based exercises for national experts.
  • CBRN compared analysis. By collecting and comparing all CBRN data on illicit trafficking at national and regional levels, the System will enhance the opportunities to identify trends in trafficking, predict where further incidents may arise and identify existing vulnerabilities and risks.
  • A list of national experts with a significant combined expertise in all different aspects of CBRN trafficking. The experts would be prepared to support the system’s mission and values. They will be selected based on their demonstrated competences (ability, knowledge and skills).

In 2009 UNICRI, in cooperation with the EC, launched a second phase of Knowledge Management Systems to promote and improve the exchange of information in North Africa.

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