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The voice of victims for change: launching of the Report in Naples

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from the youth of Naples

The Report of the project “Voices against crime” will be presented in Naples on 20 November 2014. The initiative has been developed by UNICRI in cooperation with the Municipality of Naples, the involvement of several NGOs and the participation of the media partners Il Mattino and Fanpage.

The initiative gives voice to the victims through the collection of their stories. From the very beginning, the project’s objective was to build activities and results around the corner stone of making victims agents of change: to take victims' stories as the starting point for the definition of crime prevention strategies, assistance and development. The project aimed at making victims’ experience more visible, so that burden of crime does not rest only on them, but on society as a whole.

Gino Sorbillo, Clemente Russo and Marco Maddaloni are the outstanding testimonials of the project. UNICRI has entrusted them with the information campaign messages aimed at reaching the citizens of Naples.

The Report will be presented and discussed by the Mayor of Naples, Mr. Luigi de Magistris; the Director of UNICRI, Mr.Jonathan Lucas; representatives of Comitato don Diana; Cooperativa Sociale Dedalus; Fondazione POLIS; Associazione DreamTeam-Donne in Rete; SOS Impresa; Gruppo Dignità e Bellezza (IPIA di Miano); San Mattia onlus;  University Suor Orsola Beninincasa; University of Salerno; Italian Ministry of Justice (Procura della Repubblica di Napoli); Fanpage and Il Mattino. During the event the actress Imma Villa will read the story of a victim.

The final report includes stories from the victims and their analyses, experts’ contributions, NGO’s analyses and suggestions, and UNICRI’s recommendations. The collection and analyses of the stories sheds light on the different type of crime, aims to identify good practices and critical issues to be addressed with respect to victims’ support policies and practices and ultimately to build resilience.

This pilot initiative falls under UNICRI’s urban security programme. It promotes knowledge, cooperation and raise awareness on crime prevention and victims’ empowerment related issues. The pilot initiative supports a bottom up approach and the dialogue between civil society and governmental institutions.

to download the report click here