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Supply Chain Security

Expert Workshop on the Supply Chain Security

Geneva (Switzerland) -

UNICRI, through its Knowledge Center “Security through Research, Technology and Innovation" (SIRIO) in Geneva, organized an Expert Workshop on the Supply Chain Security.

The workshop was derived from UNICRI research concerning the mitigation of threats posed by counterfeiting, different kinds of fraud and the criminal infiltration in the supply chain, with special focus on key product categories. The discussion dealt with different risk scenarios related to the criminal infiltration in the distribution of foodstuffs, illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, tax and VAT fraud as well as the trafficking of illegal pesticides and in precious metals.

Experts from law enforcement, private sector and international organizations reviewed and validated the risk scenarios prepared by UNICRI.

A second Expert meeting will be organized by UNICRI in Geneva during the latter half of 2019 to discuss how technology can concretely contribute to mitigating the risks identified in these scenarios. The results will be presented in a report that illustrates how technology can be applied to address specific security risks.


Implemented through its office in Geneva, the scope of UNICRI’s SIRIO initiative is to analyse and understand the global impacts, opportunities and challenges of technological changes related to security, crime and criminal justice.