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LL.M. in Transnational Crime and Justice

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Transnational Crime and Justice is designed for young professionals and university graduates wishing to specialize in the fields of comparative criminal law, humanitarian law, human rights law, transnational crimes and transitional justice.

The LL.M is characterized by an interdisciplinary academic strategy that integrates theory and practice, favours active exchanges of ideas, and furthers the comparative and critical thinking skills of participants.

Selected students will acquire extensive knowledge on various topics around which the global debate on transnational crime and justice articulates such as:

  • Comparative Law and Comparative Criminal Law;
  • International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law;
  • International Criminal Law and International Criminal Procedure;
  • Transnational organized crime and transnational crimes (e.g. cyber crime, corruption, counterfeiting, environmental crime, smuggling of migrants, terrorism, and trafficking in persons); I
  • Interstate cooperation in criminal matters; Global efforts to strengthen the rule of law;
  • Judicial and non-judicial processes and mechanisms associated with transitional justice in post-conflict countries such as prosecution initiatives, mechanisms facilitating the right to truth, reparations, institutional reforms in conformity with international legal standards and obligations.

For further information and contacts, please visit the LL.M. section of the UNICRI website.