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International Network on Biotechnology

UNICRI, in cooperation with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, administers the International Network on Biotechnology (INB), a global network of academic and research institutions committed to advancing education and raising awareness about responsible life science. The INB experts exchange views and possible actions to support governments and relevant sectors of civil society (including academia, research institutions, technology companies) with a focus on emerging developments in the life sciences and biotechnology. The INB’s work covers the subject areas of biosecurity, biosafety and bioethics.


Objectives & activities

The Network’s overarching goal is to advance education and raise awareness about responsible life science. In order to do so, it seeks to connect stakeholders from across academia, industry, and government through meetings, workshops and other special events.

In the last three years, the INB has focused on disinformation in the media and on social media platforms. In this respect, the Network aims to understand how we can more effectively prevent and combat intentionally misleading and deceptive information about chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats, that can potentially cause serious political, financial, and physical harm to governments, international organizations, the scientific community, academia, industry, and the population at large.



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