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UNICRI's Contributions at the SDG 16 Conference

Advancing Gender Agenda and Security: UNICRI's Contributions at the SDG 16 Conference

Rome, Italy -


Between 30 May and 1 June 2023, the fourth edition of the (Sustainable Development Goal) SDG 16 Conference, Peace, Justice and Inclusive Societies promoted by Italy, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) has taken place in Rome, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The theme of the conference was “SDG 16 as a compass for navigating intersecting crises” and UNICRI actively participated in the discussions held during the various sessions. UNICRI also directly engaged in three sessions to contribute to the current challenges in advancing the SDGs Agenda, with a particular focus on SDG 16, which is the bedrock of our mandate.

The sessions delved into the themes of “women, peace and security”, “inclusive climate action” and “conflict, justice and the rule of law”.

Through the lens of the New Agenda for Peace and the Agenda on Women, Peace and Security, UNICRI showcased its efforts to advance the gender agenda in security settings. It explored approaches to enhance women’s involvement in peace and security, as well as their roles in law enforcement organizations.  This discussion holds particular significance as the 25th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) is approaching.

In the session dedicated to climate action, UNICRI presented the findings of its research study on “Perceptions of climate change and violent extremism: listening to local communities in Chad” and examined the challenges at the intersection of climate change and security. UNICRI also highlighted best practices that can be implemented to strengthen the rule of law, improve access to justice and promote climate justice through increased participation by vulnerable groups.

In the knowledge-sharing session focused on “conflict, justice and the rule of law,” UNICRI discussed partnerships to enhance security, underlining the significance of Goal 17 in advancing Goal 16 and all the other Agenda goals. In this context, UNICRI emphasized the power of partnerships to create synergies and presented examples of its programmes, where successful partnerships with various stakeholders were established to strengthen security and the rule of law.